Different Types of Warehouses:

Which Do you Require?

There are many different types of warehouses to suit your requirements. Which will you choose?

Although it seems like a simple concept, the different types of warehouses to choose from could be more of a business essential than you think. The type of warehousing that’s right for you depends on your specific industry, location and requirements. There is a specific option for every business.

Here at Bray Solutions, we have broken down the most common, yet different, types of warehouses:

Public warehousing

Public warehouses have the option to allow companies with short-term needs to lease them. It is ideal for retailers with their own private warehouse but need additional storage, perhaps in seasonal peaks. Once busy periods end, they can go back to normal without a contract keeping them tied in.


Distribution centres

 Whilst Bray offer it all from picking and packing to distribution, distribution centres are warehouses where storing products is a temporary occurrence. Distribution centres are a point in the supply chain where products are almost instantly shipped out on arrival. They are usually used for the shipping of perishables to prevent spoiling in storage. A distribution centre will usually receive shipments in the morning and distribute them by the end of the same day.


Private warehousing

Private warehouses are just that – private. They are privately owned, usually by big retailers to store their extra inventory in bulk, especially during busy seasons. Private warehousing requires big investments from the owne. But, they most likely prove to be very cost-effective in the long run.


Automation in the warehouse

Automation is the new method, with such advanced technology at our fingertips. Worldwide sales of warehouse automation technology, such as robotics or logistics, reached $1.9 billion in 2016. In addition, they are expected to reach a market value of $22.4 billion by the end of 2021.

Automated warehouses require very little human interaction. Automated warehouses operate using the latest technology and carriers to carry out day-to-day warehouse operations without much help from us humans.

The growth of the cold chain

The cold chain is a supply chain that supports and organises the storage and transportation of temperature-based food goods. A cold chain will help extend the shelf life of many perishables such as frozen food, pharmaceuticals and seafood.

 If the world had a properly functioning cold chain, it is predicted that perishable food loss could be brought down to just 2%. (*) The cold chain is growing even faster than the world’s economy and the logistics industry as a whole. This is because of the increasing need for systematic storage systems of perishables, pharmaceuticals and chemicals to prevent waste or spoilage.

 The ever-advancing technology in warehouse development is making cold chain more affordable and attainable.  As consumers buy more fresh and frozen food, the demand for more cold chain capacity grows. They are also becoming more interested in supply chains,  demanding a transparent, clean, ethical supply chain. 

So, there are different types of warehouses to suit a wide range of business needs. This could be to suit your industry, your products or even your availability of personnel. Pick the right option for you and your business processes will run more smoothly and streamlined for company success.

Focus of the Month: The DC Team

Focus of the Month: The DC Team

Here at Bray Solutions, we also specialise in Dangerous Goods and the specific requirements for this sector. Find out how the DC Team handles this.

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As we already reach the end of February 2018 is proving to be a fast paced, action packed year, perfect for a retail revival. Click to read more.

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As we already reach the end of February 2018 is proving to be a fast paced, action packed year, perfect for a retail revival. Click to read more.
As we already reach the end of February 2018 is proving to be a fast paced, action packed year, perfect for a retail revival. Click to read more.