5 Signs you Need to Switch

your Haulage Company

Switching your haulage company seems like an unnecessary struggle, especially if you have built a relationship with your current provider.

However, a business deal that isn’t working to its full potential can do more harm than good and will, in turn, have a damaging effect on your own business. Here at Bray Solutions, we have five warning signs you should look out for to know whether you should switch your haulage company sooner rather than later.

Business goals and expectations are changing.

Business goals change as time goes on. With some luck and determination, your business will expand and grow. With success, comes with providing a constantly great service, and you must ensure that your haulage company can keep up with the times. Their level of service has to match with yours to run smoothly; otherwise, they can let the side down.

Likewise, a haulage company can also grow or change. You might find that the personalised, warm service you appreciated is left on the back burner. Depending on customers needs businesses should continually review and renew (or not) service level agreements to ensure everyone is happy.

Customer service standards

A haulage company needs to hold specific skills such as friendliness, efficiency, knowledge and remain helpful at all times. Communication is key, and any substandard customer service can reflect poorly on your own company.

Regular communication between account managers is the ultimate aim. If you can work with a haulage company that dedicates resources to your account, you know that the relationship will only grow stronger! This leads back to finding a company can meet your expectations.

For smaller haulage and logistics companies that can not afford that dedicated resource, check that they have processes in place to ensure everyone can access your account and communications records. This can ensure you are not too much time each time you call up with a question.

Behind on technology

Technology is always progressing at a rapid pace, which is usually great for businesses. Offering an online communications platform and electronic billing is now an expectation of customers living in the digital world. Consumers want it all, and they want it now – having a haulage company not keep up with the times can be the difference of your customer using you or a competitor next time.

According to ‘MyCustomer’, 96% of shoppers said a positive delivery experience would encourage them to shop with a retailer again. 93% of shoppers emphasised the importance of receiving an email confirmation from a retailer to confirm their order had been received. What’s more, 88% of all survey respondents said they track the status of their online order.

The competition

The shipping and logistics industry is fast-paced. It is always in your best interest to ‘shop around’ and see what other businesses are offering and at what price. If your haulage partner ups it’s price without providing any extras, you should question this move.

You could find better value elsewhere with more advantages such as new technology and exceptional staff at a better rate. If you sense that you are paying over the odds, you probably are. Periodic browsing is not a bad idea – but make sure you are comparing apples with apples and remember cheaper is not always the answer!

Making mistakes

We all make mistakes, but making them on a regular basis is a cause for concern when you rely on a haulage company. The shipping process is sometimes complicated, especially when it is easily affected by obstacles such as the weather, transportation problems and customs issues. These are variables you cannot prevent. However, if your haulage partner fails to deliver the promised service time and time again,  this will begin to affect your business negatively. You must make a change before it’s too late!

There are many factors to take into consideration that will warn you that it’s time to change haulage partners. You should expect goods to reach consumers on time and in excellent condition; otherwise, your bottom line will suffer.

Focus of the Month: The DC Team

Focus of the Month: The DC Team

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As we already reach the end of February 2018 is proving to be a fast paced, action packed year, perfect for a retail revival. Click to read more.

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As we already reach the end of February 2018 is proving to be a fast paced, action packed year, perfect for a retail revival. Click to read more.
As we already reach the end of February 2018 is proving to be a fast paced, action packed year, perfect for a retail revival. Click to read more.